As most of you know by now, fiery Miami Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen put his foot in his mouth again this week, allegedly telling a reporter “I love Fidel Castro,’’ in an interview with Time magazine. Guillen has since apologized for those comments, but that hasn’t stopped mushrooming outcry from South Florida’s large Cuban immigrant population that doesn’t quite share that sentiment.  For their part, the Marlin’s organization took quick action, suspending their skipper for five games, but that may do little to quiet the fan outrage.

We had our crack research staff comb our files for other comments Ozzie may have made over the years that some also might consider, well, controversial.

Top Five Other Controversial Comments Ozzie Guillen Allegedly Didn’t Mean to Make

#5. “The age of consent in Florida is 16? That seems kinda old to me.”
#4. “Lindsey Lohan needs to loosen up and party more.”
#3. “Pit bulls were MADE to dogfight. It would be cruel not to let them play.”
#2. “Steroids are just Nature’s way of saying ‘You should be hitting more home runs.'”
#1. “If you can walk out of the bar to your car, you should be able to drive home, right?”
BONUS: “You can’t honestly tell me you think Joan Rivers has had plastic surgery.”