Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino Suspended After Motorcycle Accident With “Girlfriend” – Jessica Dorrell

Jessica DorrellFor those of your who missed it last week, Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino got into a little bit of an accident on his motorcycle. At first, we read this story and thought “Dumbass!” and left it at that. Then came word that he had a young woman on the motorcycle with him at the time, but had kind of fudged that fact when he first reported the incident.

Then came word over the weekend that Petrino admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship” with Jessica Dorrell, 25, a tall blonde former volleyball player for the Razorbacks. And if that weren’t bad enough, Dorrell had just been hired by Petrino for the all important “student athlete development coordinator for football” position. At that point, things jumped from Dumbass! to Triple Dumbass! and the university had no choice but to suspend the coach who took Arkansas to an 11-2 season last year and a Cotton Bowl win.

Now the question is: do they fire this guy or give him some other kind of punishment (other than having his face all scraped up, a broken vertebrae and knowing he has to go home to his wife and four kids every night after what happened.

Two interesting asides to this story: Dorrell is engaged to is Arkansas Director of Swimming and Diving Operations, Josh Morgan. And second, there is no truth to the rumors that Petrino escaped from the accident unscathed and got the bruises on his face and the neck brace you have seen him in in photos once he got home.

Stay tuned.

Source: ABC News