High School Football Coaches Who Hosted “Hazing Party” Won’t Be Back Next Year – Walled Lake Western High

Hazing in high school sports is common enough without coaches getting involved. At Walled Lake Western High Hazings Category LogoSchool in Michigan both head coach Bill Brenner, viagra buy click   and an assistant, try will not be back next season after the district uncovered evidence of a hazing incident at a team party held last fall.  Here’s more from the Daily Tribune:

Initial reports indicated that a player was tied to a pole and struck with pool noodles and pillows. Police said the victim was laughing during the incident, sick which was described as “horseplay.”  However, the victim’s mother, who said she has seen videotape of the incident, said her son was duct taped to the pole, with his mouth taped shut, and was punched in the head.   The victim was diagnosed with symptoms consistent with post-concussion syndrome following the incident, but officials said the victim told investigators that he had headaches his entire life.