Florida’s Erving Walker Arrested for . . . Stealing Taco, Running From Cops With a Taco

If you’re gonna go, GO BIG, right? University of Florida starting guard Erving “The Thief” Walker went on a crime rampage near the Gainesville campus, ordering a taco from a street vendor and then running off before paying.  A nearby SWAT Team gave pursuit (okay the police report doesn’t say anything about a SWAT Team, but it makes for good visuals) and eventually, with the assistance of several squad cars ran down the basketball star.

When questioned by police about his reason for the crime spree, Walker told them he was “just playing around” as in, it was a joke, or prank, or more likely just the kind of thing a stupid person says who gets caught stealing a $2 food item that will likely give them diarrhea later.  Walker now faces charges of with petty theft and resisting an officer without violence, both of which are misdemeanors.

No word on what happened to the taco, but police insiders suggest the evidence in this case may have been swallowed.

Source – USA Today