Rugby Streaker Fined $250 for “Spread Offense” w. Video

Apparently, cialis sales troche Australian streaker Mark Mills, best cialis health 33, sovaldi could have received a year in jail and a fine of $1300 for his drunken stunt during a February National Rugby League (Australia) match between the Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos. Especially since his drunken, naked dash onto the field went”beyond all expectation of common propriety”, according to the judge.

Yes, Mills was naked and running on the field in front of an estimated 11,000 fans. He even did a somersault or two for the crowd. Apparently he crossed the line when he stopped, bent over, and spread his cheeks for the crowd.  Even in Australia, they don’t want to see that. You probably don’t want to see it either, but we did manage to find the Slightly Not Safe For Work video of the incident below.  Thankfully, the videographer decided NOT to zoom in. Thank you.

The judge, however, had pity on Mills–who made a public apology on local radio–and only hit him with a $250 fine.