Mom Sues Gym Teacher, High School After Son’s Arm Broken in Class

Rarely is gym class a fond memory for most high school graduations.

For Kensey Albertson’s son, malady a student at Randolph Southern Junior-Senior High School, it’s likely NOT going to be one of his treasured memories. Not after gym teacher Kevin Fraze allegedly forced the 110 lb teen to wrestle a much larger classmate.

According to the lawsuit followed by his mother, the larger student picked her boy up and slammed him to the mat THE FIRST TIME. Mr. Fraze reportedly thought the fun should continue so he had the boys continue to grapple, and the other kid picked Albertson up and again and threw him to the mat. Only this time he landed awkwardly on his arm. How awkwardly? The suit claims the fractures resulted in the boy undergoing surgery, and the insertion of a plate, along with “several screws, pins, staples and sutures.” Ouch.

Mrs. Albertson’s lawsuit also claims this isn’t the first time students have been injured on Mr. Fraze’s class with allegations that other boys suffered serious foot and knee injuries.

The lawsuit claims that Fraze was being “grossly negligent” in “allowing students in a much higher weight class to wrestle against students in a much lower weight class.”

Source: Star Press