Drunk High School Basketball Coach Arrested on St. Patty’s Day for Kicking in Door of House That Wasn’t His Mom’s

A lot of people drink alcohol.

And people who like to drink, tend to drink even more on St. Patrick’s Day.

And, not surprisingly, some of the people who drink a little too much on St. Patrick’s Day are high school basketball coaches.

What is surprising, is that someone hired to be the head coach at Elyria Catholic High School (OH) would get so drunk on St. Patrick’s Day that he would try to kick down the door of his mother’s house to get in at about 3:20 am.

Only coach Phil “One For the Road” Kuctha was allegedly NOT at his mother’s house pounding on the door. He was actually a couple of blocks away at some other old lady’s house. Naturally, the scared woman called police who promptly came and arrested him for criminal damaging and disorderly conduct.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Source: News Net 5