Central Florida Football Player Arrested for Punching Cop During St. Patrick’s Day Party – JJ Worton

The luck of the Irish ran out for University of Central Florida football coach George O’Leary when one of his players decided to take a swing at a cop . . . twice.

According to police reports, the fun with J.J. Worton, a redshirt freshman who led the Knights in receiving last season, during a block party outside a bar. For some reason, a deputy asked Worton to leave the area, and when he refused, the football player took a swing at him, missed and then took off running.

Cops chased him and allegedly found Worton hiding under a car.  They dragged him out, tried to arrest him but he resisted and tried to punch another officer. This time he succeeded. And you know how cops like to be punched by drunks! So they pepper sprayed Worton, arrested him, and now O’Leary has suspended the star player from spring ball.

Source: Orlando Sentinel