Video: Soccer Player, 10, Arrested for Kicking Opponent in Face

First off: there’s no mug shot on this one, sorry. Even in Hong Kong they apparently don’t publish mug shots of juveniles. Even juvenile soccer thugs.

Second, if you skip to about 1:35 of the video below, you can see the incident in question. And really, with all the fake soccer dives and other on-field shenanigans (yes, we used the S word again) this really does look intentional. It would have been nice to see it from another angle, but it does look like the boy from the English Schools Foundation team (what opposing parents are calling the “White Bullies”) just moves in and kicks a Chinese kid in the face when he’s on the ground. Not going for the ball, not falling down awkwardly, just booting his head like it was a pinata.

The report doesn’t say what the charges are (likely assault with a deadly foot) but after the video went viral, the downed player’s parents filed a complaint. The kickee was not seriously injured.

Source: USA Today