Another Grade School B-Ball Coach Attacked: This Time Player’s Father Knocks Him Out

Shelly Miller mug shotEarlier this week, a winning coach on a 6th grade basketball team had part of his ear bitten off by the losing coach following a game. Now we have the father of a 5th to 8th grader at St. Stanislaus School in Michigan City, Indiana punching and beating his daughter’s coach until he was unconscious.


The father, Shelly S. Miller, 37, walked into practice about 3 pm to pick up his child, he saw the girl running laps. The coach sent two girls running after they got into an argument at practice. Not exactly sure what Mr. Miller objected to about that, but his first move was to approach assistant coach Jeffrey Yackus and punch him. Once Yackus was on the ground, Miller then climbed on top of him and continued punching him until he knocked him out. Fortunately, the head coach was nearby, and pulled Miller off Yackus.

Yackus was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for a concussion, while Miller was arrested and charged with battery.

Source: WSBT