High School Wrestlers Suspended for “Rite of Passage” That Includes Eating Cat Food


So, cialis generic cialis according to the father of one of the wrestlers involved in this incident at Troy High School (CA) what happened when nine boys were forced to stand in a circle outside a cabin back in January at 2:30 am was NOT hazing. They were new members of the team, healing they did have their hands bound with plastic wrap, were forced to eat cat food and stand in a bucket of cold water for hours on end.

But because none of the boys admitted to actually being intimidated, it really should be considered a “rite of passage” and not something awful like . . . hazing.  Obviously.

‘Cause if someone’s dad says it’s not hazing, it doesn’t matter what the school says or the State of California, right?

Because of their wacky ways though, the high school has suspended two of the older boys involved in this “rite of passage.”

Source: NBC Los Angeles