Today’s “Pinocchio Award” Goes to: Eddie George! Found in Car With Drunk Blonde LPGA Golfer at 2am

LPGA Golfer Rachel Connor with football star Eddie GeorgeRemember how we like to say that “nothing good happens outside a bar at 2 am?” Well, healing we can now add to that with “nothing good happens inside a car with a drunk, blonde golfer’s at 2 am.”

And we’re talking to you, former NFL star Eddie George. We were once on an episode of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” with Mr. George, back when BadJocks was new and the idea of reporting on the bad things that athletes do seemed like a HUGE intrusion into their private world. Back then, ESPN would have never touched a story like this or a lot of the stuff that you see EVERYWHERE these days. We were, to put it bluntly, unique at that time with our raw coverage of the dark side of sports. I think the idea of the show (I was piped in via satellite from Michigan) was to get one of the good guys in sports–Eddie–to really lash into me and the stories I was putting out.

Only problem was, Eddie had never seen the site, and really wasn’t that familiar with what I did. So I had to explain it to him before we went on the air. I did get the chance to make the point that I wasn’t chasing after athletes while they were going about their daily lives . . . like the paparazzi likes to do today. Nope. We were just posting the stories that were already online somewhere. Mr. George was very gracious about the whole thing, and basically said he couldn’t understand the fascination with people’s private lives.

No controversy.

So, at this time I am willing to give the married football star the benefit of the doubt and believe him when he says nothing was happening, or going to happen when a little-known professional golfer Rachel Conner, 21, was pulled over for DUI at 2 am in Florida, with Mr. George in the passenger seat.  According to cops, Conner blew a fairly impressive BAC of 0.137%, nearly twice the legal limit (not enough to make it into the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings). Conner claims to have only had “two vodka cranberry drinks”, but according our chart, if she weighs about 140 lbs, she would have had to have consumed at least 5 drinks in the hour before she was arrested.

George says the two are “just friends” and that she offered him a ride home and he thought she was sober enough to drive.

And we believe you Eddie.

For now.

Thanks to Dr. Gary Weitz for the link!

Source: TMZ