Two Michigan High School Football Players Arrested Over Alleged Hazing Incident – Madison High School

Just down the road from the BadJocks Bunker is the sleepy town of Adrian, buy cialis try Michigan where not much happens.


This week though, there we’ve seen not one, but two members of the Madison High School football team arrested as a result of an investigation into hazing incidents last summer during football practice. Sources tell us the incidents came to light after an inadvertent Facebook posting gave away more details than intended. That lead to a school investigation, which lead to a police investigation and now the two football players have not only been suspended from school but face numerous criminal charges including five counts each of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration, and 5 counts each of conspiracy to commit those acts.

Police are saying there were two victims (members of the freshman team) who were victims of these assaults, so we can only assume from the number of counts that each player was assaulted more than once. And, for those of you not familiar with the “favorite” form of high school hazing these days, the “intent to commit sexual penetration” likely refers to those accused putting fingers somewhere where they don’t belong. Cops haven’t released those details, but that is the most common reason for that charge these days–in our experience.

Former football players Troy Darnell Burr and Rodolfo Rios have been arraigned, plead not guilty, and are awaiting their next court date.

Source: Toledo Blade