From Our “Special Place in Hell” Dept: Coach Accused of Sex with Special Olympian

We cover a lot of high school coach sex scandals on this site, and a lot of teacher sex scandals over at The Dumbass Daily. And, online after a while, you think you’ve seen everything and that nothing will surprise you anymore.


Now we get to tell you about Cornelius Davis, 29 a special education teaching assistant and counselor at Brookland-Cayce High School (SC) who is accused of sexually assaulting a member of his Special Olympics girl’s basketball team. Not once, but allegedly several times as the team traveled. Eventually the girl told a nurse about the relationship.

The good news? Because each incident may have happened in a different jurisdiction, coach Davis could face charges in a number of different locations. He currently faces second-degree criminal sexual conduct charges, but that should change. Oh, and there is also probably a Special Place in Hell waiting for him some day.

Source: WIS -TV