Video: Geezer Golfers Get Revenge on Prank Playing Teens w. Airhorns

According to police reports, Ronald E. Richardson and Donald E. Nieto (both 71) were enjoying a leisurely round of golf at the Shalimar Pointe Country Club (FLA) Saturday afternoon when a group of local teens decided to play a prank on them.

And videotape it.(below)

The boys hid just outside the course near the ninth hole and waited until just the right time to set off an air horn. Richardson and Nieto didn’t think the joke was funny and chased the boys away, but one returned to get a jacket he had left behind. Even though he was behind a fence, the geezer golfers went after him with several long aluminum golf ball retrievers. As you can see in the video below they whacked a kid identified as Cody numerous times.

Both men have been arrested and face child abuse charges. No word if the teens will be charged with anything.

Here’s more from the YouTube description (as of Sunday night, the video had received more than 100,000 views):

Patrick, Cody, and Franklin messing with golfers with airhorns at shalimar point….it got outta hand. We were not on golf course property so we didnt think anything bad could happen to us, i guess that wasn’t true…..yeah it was a stupid prank and we should’ve thought more about it before we did it, but beating cody with golfball retrievers hard enough to break them wasnt right.

Source: NWF Daily News