“Father of the Year” Booted From Girl’s High School Hockey Game for Using Laser Pointer

We’re all for parents being supportive of their children’s sporting activities, but a father in Massachusetts may have gone a tad too far.

Officials during the Winthrop High v. Medway-Ashland High girls hockey last week were notified that a father on the WH side was in the stands shining a laser pointer at the MAH goalie. He was booted, but not before Wintrhop won the playoff game 3-1. Medway-Ashland appealed the result to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, but they declined to overturn the game results or have the third period replayed at MAH had requested.

The worst part of this story? Allege the same dad was booted from another game earlier in the week against a different team. He was also escorted out of the arena after that incident, but for some reason allowed back in for the game against Medway-Ashland.

Probably due to a lack of laser-assistance in the stands, Winthrop lost there game in the playoffs, but that is little consolation to the teams they may have originally cheated against.

Sources: WHDH, CBS Boston