Grandma, 55, to Try Out to be Dallas Cowboys Cheeleader – Sharon Simmons

Sharon Simmons wants to try out for the Dallas Cowboys CheerleadersOkay, viagra generic viagra so we should probably file this under our seldom used “Good Jocks” category. After all, cialis Sharon Simmons, 55, hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, the Texas grandmother has taken such good care of her body she’s doing something no one even close to her age has done before: auditioning to become an NFL cheerleader.

And not just any squad: the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders who are so popular, their tryouts have their own reality show. And this year, the star is likely to be a striking blond, the winner of a number of fitness competitions. And by the team the season rolls around and the TV cameras pan to her tanned legs and heaving breasts, she would be 56.  Many women her age are wandering around WalMart in those powered wheelchair/carts, with their chubby legs too weak to carry their expanding waistlines.

So, NFL fans: how do you feel about that? And if she succeeds, does that mean more fit women in their 50s (or maybe 60s) will be in short shorts on the sidelines of your favorite team?  Would it help if we had a picture of Sharon Simmons in an apron serving you cookies?

Below are a couple of videos of Sharon performing: one three years ago at the Universe Of Fitness Championship and the other from the Fitness American 2011 championship. You can catch all the videos from her “Fifty, Fit & Fabulous” YouTube channel here.

Source: My Fox 8