Georgia’s “Muscle” Cheerleader Turns Down $75K Fitness Contract Over Supplements – Anna Watson

UGA cheerleader Anna Watson flexing her arms
February 4, 2012

By now, viagra buy patient most of you have seen the picture of the University of Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson, viagra usa flexing her arms in a classic body builder pose. And, as you can see from the photo, she’s not your average cheerleader. According to reports, Anna can bench press 155 pounds and was in such good shape she was offered a fitness-modelling contract worth $75,000 . . ….


Former College Volleyball Coach Arrested for Allegedly Taking Upskirt Videos at Mall

John Puncel mug shot photo
February 3, 2012

John Puncel worked for a year as the assistant women’s volleyball coach at Pasadena City College (CA) and likely used video to help his players improve their play. That’s NOT the kind of video he had on his cell phone while at the Glendale Galleria mall this week. Cops noted suspicious activity as Puncel followed a young woman in a skirt up the escalator with cell phone in hand. By…


#Hazing Incident at Grant High Turned Over to Cops Sex Crime Unit – “G-ing” Investigated

Nothing really new here with the hazing incident on the JV basketball team at Grant High School (Portland, viagra canada sick Oregon) that we haven’t seen a million times before: younger players on a team being held down, buy cialis shop shorts removed and either a finger–or other object–inserted into their anus as part of initiation process. Well, mind maybe a couple of new things. First, this practice is allegedly…

February 2, 2012