University of Georgia Soccer Player Charged With Sticking Hash Browns in Her Pants – Carli Shultis

UGA soccer player/hash brown stealer Carli Shultis in a bikiniThe bad news is that Bulldog soccer player Carli Shultis is banned from all eateries on campus for the next year. The good news? We found a picture of her in a bikini! That makes it all better doesn’t it?

No, viagra try not really.

And it really doesn’t explain why a 19-year-old young woman would shove a $1.06 worth of hash browns down her pants when she had money elsewhere that could easily pay for them.  So . . . was it part of a soccer team hazing? A dare of sorts? A way to heat up her cold loins?

No explanation is forthcoming, best viagra ask but Carli is still on the team and doing her own cooking these days. But it does make you wonder what it a kid from Eagles Landing Christian School, who claims her favorite movie is called “Law Abiding Citizen” was doing with hot, steamy fried potatoes in her underwear. Surely a college student could find a better place to hide them?

Source: AJC

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