High School Basketball Player Booted From Team for Recording #Naked Teammate w. Cell Phone, Sending it Around

Gavont Baker mugh shotYou knew this was going to happen at some point, buy viagra for sale didn’t you? With young people using cell phones to record every moment of their lives these days, sale eventually someone was going to bring one into the locker room shower and capture stills or video of someone naked. And, as bad as that would be, you know the next move is going to be to send it to all their friends.

It finally happened last week at Henderson County High School in Kentucky. And, unfortunately, one of those involved in the incident was over 18, making him the criminal when it comes to distributing naked pictures of a minor.

From the WAVE 3:

On Sunday, one of the team’s players, Gavont Baker was arrested, accused of being involved in a scandal that rocked the team. Police say that incident took place in the school’s locker room after practice.

They say some of the players began horsing around after taking a shower. But, police say that horseplay turned criminal when one of the students recorded video on a cell phone that showed a player naked.

Police say that video of the under-age player was sent by cell phone to several students.  Students tell 14 News, Baker was kicked off the team and some of the other players involved were punished.

Police say there are five suspects in this case. But, Baker is the only one who is 18. Authorities are not saying if the others will face charges. Baker is expected to appear in court in March.