High School Basketball Player Arrested for #DUI, Pleads With Cops “I Won’t Be Able to Play in the Playoffs!”

To which the cop on a dashcam video responded, “You’re going to jail.” And it’s all caught on video for his future use in his college application package.

For David Allen, 18, the leading scorer of Highland Park High School’s basketball team (TX), tonight was supposed to be the first game in the state’s playoff.  It’s doubtful he will be playing after being arrested last week for driving while intoxicated. Allen’s car allegedly hit a parked car a week ago Saturday and he reportedly fled the scene.

When officers finally caught up with the star athlete, he initially told cops he had no been drinking and then admitted to “only a few sips” from a friend’s drink. To which the officer in the video responded: “A couple of sips? You can barely stand up.” Eventually Allen blew a 0.122% BAC, well above the 0.08% to be considered a drunk driver, and about 0.122% higher than someone under the age of 21 should be blowing.

The saddest part of the video? After Allen is handcuffed and taken into custody, you can hear him telling the cops about a basketball game that he was supposed to play in Tuesday night.  Says Allen, “I won’t be able to play in the playoffs. Our opening game is Tuesday.”
Responded the cop in deadpan, “You’re going to jail.”

Source: KHOU