Parents Complain About High School Basketball Players Riding Bus Naked – Prairie High School

We could be wrong about this, discount cialis here but we’re pretty sure that if you’re a high school basketball player, viagra generic sale you shouldn’t be riding the bus home from a game naked. That’s seems like it should be an obvious thing, illness but apparently the coaches and staff at Prairie High School in Cottonwood, Idaho didn’t get the memo.

A mob of parents showed up at the latest school board meeting to hear details of shenanigans (yes, we used the “S” word) that have apparently been going on for the past three years, and allegedly much of that time under the watchful eye of the coaching staff. For the most part, the parents were upset about not being told what was going on with the naked bus trips that occasionally including some sexually explicit contact, such as one player placing his genitals on another player’s face.

Again, we’re not saying we know everything, but it seems that one guys junk in another guy’s face is probably not something you’d want to encourage on the team bus. But, then again, maybe that’s how the Prairie High boys like to relax after games. Who are we to say?

Source: KBOI