Boilermaker B-Baller Busted for Boozing, Biting Bar Bouncer Breaking up Brawl – David Jonathan “DJ” Byrd

There’s drinking and then there’s DRINKING. David Jonathan “DJ” Byrd, a guard/forward for the Purdue Boilermakers mens basketball team was probably the later before police arrested him early Friday morning.

Mug shot of DJ Byrd - PurdueIt seems Mr. Byrd was at the Where Else Bar with former Boilermaker Kelsey Barlow when they were told to leave. After heading outside, the boys realized that Barlow had forgotten his wallet inside and tried to re-enter. When the staff refused them re-entry a fracas of sorts broke out and sometime during that fight, Byrd allegedly bit one of the bouncers.

Of course, cops were called at that point, and when the officer arrived he broke up the fight and arrested Byrd for public intoxication. His BAC at the time? A whopping 0.219%, nearly three times the legal limit. Still not enough to get him in the Top Twenty of the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings, but more than enough to now make him the “leader in the clubhouse” for a still young 2012. (At left, DJ Byrd’s mug shot.)

Despite visible bite marks on his arm, the bouncer refused to file assault charges against Byrd. In a public statement, Byrd called the whole thing “an unfortunate incident” while the university decided it was a little more serious and suspended the junior from the team.

Source: JCOnline