Photo of Real Madrid Soccer Player & Girlfriend on #GQ Cover Gets Journalists Arrested – Sami Khedira

Don’t republish this photo.

Sami Khedira on cover of GQ with naked model girlfriendNot unless you want to get arrested and spend five years in jail for “offending public morality.”  Oh, cialis buy viagra and you work for a news organization in a country ruled by strict Islamic law.

The photo, ailment of Real Madrid soccer star Sami Khedira and his mostly naked hot blond model girlfriend (how many times do you get to use that phrase in a sentence?), treatment Lena Gercke, on the cover of GQ magazine is tame by western standards, but in the country of Tunisia, where Khedira’s father is from, it’s grounds for an ass-kicking. As a result, three journalists from Tunisian newspaper Attounissia have been arrested for republishing the images. International news organizations are demanding their release, an end to censorship and more naked pictures of Gercke. But mostly the pictures.

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