Assistant Coach for #Creighton Women’s B-Ball Found Passed Out at McDonald’s Drive Thru – Carrie Moore

Assistant coach Carrie Moore's mug shot pictureUPDATE: We now have a mug shot for Carrie Moore (right) and an update on her blood-alcohol concentration: 0.155%, nearly twice the legal limit. Impressive, but not nearly enough to get her into the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings.  She is, however, the leader in the clubhouse so far in 2012. Congrats Carrie!

EARLIER: We’ve seen this before: A coach or jock who’s had one too many to drink decides to get a bite to eat on the way home from the party. They pull into the drive thru (in this case the McDonalds in Bellevue, Nebraska), place an order, and then pass out in their car.

At BadJocks, we consider it the modern equivalent to the ancient decathlon: you have to drink, drive, maneuver through tight spaces in the parking lot, communicate through a Assistant Coach Carrie Mooretwo-way speaker, handle money, obtain your food and then consume it while driving home. Many have attempted it. Only a few have completed it. And sometimes the result is a contestant passed out in the drive-thru lane. At this point, the local constable is called and the event it usually over. (At left, Carrie Moore in happier times.)

This time though, we actually have a rarity in this “modern decathlon” : a female contestant. Most notably one Carrie Moore, an assistant women’s basketball coach at Creighton University. She was found at the McDonalds at near 21st Street and Cornhusker Road at about 2:48 a.m. Quick thinking employees roused Moore and told her to pull over and wait for her food, all the while they were calling police.  Moore was failed a field sobriety test, was arrested and charged with suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

No word on her BAC, but I’m sure our friends in the area will let us know when it becomes available.

Thanks to our friends at the Todd ‘n’ Tyler Radio Empire for the tip!

Source: Omaha World-Herald