Parents, Coach in Conflict Over Proper Way to Celebrate Hockey Player’s 200th Goal . . . as a 9-Year-Old?

Don’t want to go into great detail here (I’ll let the lengthy story link below do that) but it’s amazing that we’re even discussing this: the parents of a 9-year-old hockey player in Massachusetts wanted to stop a game in progress to celebrate their son’s 200th goal. Never mind that the team couldn’t confirm the stats and the coach felt the time to celebrate such a thing is best AFTERWARDS. (And, in reality, he’d rather celebrate TEAM accomplishments.) So, the boy’s parents and coach are each accusing the other of inappropriate behavior and likely the real losers are the rest of the team.

And society as a whole.

Five bucks says this kid is burned out playing hockey before he’s 15 and never wants to lace up the skates again after that.

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