High School Cheerleader, Boyfriend, Among Those Arrested at Basketball Game – Lorain High School

Many times in life, cialis generic recipe you get the option to just walk away from an incident. This is one of those times and the Lorain High (Ohio) cheerleader should have walked away . . . but she didn’t. In the end, viagra security guards and cops with attack dogs got involved and three people went to jail. Was it worth it?

It all started at halftime of a boy’s basketball game versus Clearview High School last Saturday. One of Lorain’s cheerleaders was walking through the lobby when she claims someone bumped her on purpose. A police officer working the game as security saw what happened and told her to just walk away. Did she? Nope.

Instead, store this young lady pushed her way through a crowd of about 100 people to get to the person who bumped her, with the cop close behind. Meanwhile, her boyfriend joins in the fun after the officer tries to stop her by grabbing her elbow. Now the cop has to deal with this fool and while he’s putting the kid on the ground, another teenager starts trying to get the crowd into an all out brawl. That’s when the officer with a K9 assistant steps in.

In the end, all three were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct persisting, while the boyfriend was also slapped with an assault charge. No word if they took her mug shot while she was still wearing her cheerleader uniform.

Source: Morning Journal