HS Basketball Coach Accused of Pulling Down Female Player’s Pants – West Harrison High School

Nothing new about coaches playing practical jokes on players. And, anymore, it seems like coaches and faculty at the high school level are getting chummier all the time. But that still doesn’t excuse girls basketball coach/principal Mike Loftin at West Harrison High School who pulled the warm-up pants off of one of his players.

Usually the players have their game shorts underneath. But not this time, which is unfortunate for both Mr. Loftin and the player, Callie Merriman, 15. According to reports, Merriman left her shorts at home that day, went home to get them, but had not put them on as she and other players waited to board a bus for an away game. Once depantsed, she slumped to the floor to cover herself.

The school will not say how Loftin has been disciplined, but local police are investigating.

Thanks to the guys on the Todd ‘n’ Tyler Show for the tip on this story!

Source: Southwest Iowa News