Georgia’s “Muscle” Cheerleader Turns Down $75K Fitness Contract Over Supplements – Anna Watson

UGA cheerleader Anna Watson flexing her armsBy now, viagra buy patient most of you have seen the picture of the University of Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson, viagra usa flexing her arms in a classic body builder pose. And, as you can see from the photo, she’s not your average cheerleader.

According to reports, Anna can bench press 155 pounds and was in such good shape she was offered a fitness-modelling contract worth $75,000 . . . but turned it down. Allegedly because the contract had some extreme requirements and insisted that she take Anavar, a legal anabolic steroid. Anna turned that down, but in the mean time, the photo of her flexing her muscles has gone viral and caused controversy over her less than typical cheerleader body.

To us, at least, she seems to be one of the good jocks. Watch the video of her appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America below.

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Source: IB Times