#Hazing Incident at Grant High Turned Over to Cops Sex Crime Unit – “G-ing” Investigated

Nothing really new here with the hazing incident on the JV basketball team at Grant High School (Portland, viagra canada sick Oregon) that we haven’t seen a million times before: younger players on a team being held down, buy cialis shop shorts removed and either a finger–or other object–inserted into their anus as part of initiation process. Well, mind maybe a couple of new things.

First, this practice is allegedly so common among GHS sports teams that it has a name “G-ing.” As in, “He’s going to get his G-ing after the game tonight.” Sounds to us like there just might be a hazing tradition at Grant.

And second, according to this story, even parents of jocks at Grant feel intimidated, afraid to say anything about what is happening to their children for fear something worse might happen to the lads.  That puts things on a whole new serious level when even the culture gets to the parents.

Fortunately, someone did come forward, the school investigated and now the local sex crimes unit is looking into it to see if an charges will be brought.

Source: OregonLive