HS Football Star Expelled for #Twitter Posts, Could Lose Scholarship Offers – Yuri Wright

Like many young people, generic cialis shop Yuri Wright has a Twitter account where he shares his thoughts each day in 140 characters or less. He even has it set to private. But it’s not private, discount viagra really, when your friends (1600 followers at one point) share those tweets with the rest of the world. Especially the allegedly sexually graphic  and racist ones. (NSFW examples below)

Now, Yuri, a top high school cornerback prospect out of Don Bosco Prep (NJ) has reportedly been expelled from school as a result of his comments and is no longer being courted by schools like Colorado, Rutgers and even the University of Michigan. Nope, not any more. Not once those tweets came out.

The account has since been removed, but that damage appears to be done. Think he was treated fairly? Read the tweets below and decide for yourself.

Tweets from Yuri Wright's Twitter accountSource – Gothamist