Post-BCS Game Tea-Bagger Fan Caught on Video Arrested – Alabama vs. LSU

Still from video fo Alabama fan teabagging passed out LSU fan after BCS game

Our long national nightmare is over.

The Alabama fan seen in a viral video with his manhood hanging out, sildenafil purchase tea-bagging a passed out LSU fan at a New Orleans eatery has turned himself in to police. Brian Downing, sale 32, was booked Thursday on charges of sexual battery and obscenity. For those of you who haven’t seen the video, you can check it out at here. But be warned, the last minute or so is NSFW.

Several interesting points about this incident: Downing was ultimately caught by tips generated by an Auburn message board, and his uncle is a sheriff in Russell County, AL. It was Sheriff/Uncle Andy Taylor . . . sorry, HEATH Taylor who made the connection between the video, the New Orleans police and his nephew.

But the most interesting aspect about this incident is how it confirms one of our BadJocks Basic Truths: The Perfect Stranger Rule when it comes to sports hazing. This rule is basically that hazers are often allowed to commit acts that would result in their arrest if performed on a perfect stranger, rather than on a teammate. How many tea-bagging incidents have we covered over the years that were ultimately determined to be nothing more than “horse-play”, “roughhousing” or “boys being boys?”

We wonder if Mr. Downing’s lawyer would like our assistance in showing that teabagging another man is really just a team-building exercise?

Source – ESPN