BadJocks First: Table Tennis Coach Invovled in “Sex Racket”

We certainly have our share of naughty coaches here at BadJocks. But table tennis (or as most of the kid’s call it these days ping-pong)?  No, we can’t recall anyone from the world of high stakes, international table tennis getting in trouble before . . . and certainly not running some kind of prostitution operation from a wealthy suburb in India.

According to reports, coach Santosh Dhanraj Lalwani, 30, and two other men would charge ” . . . Rs3,000 for the ‘services’ and Lalwani used to keep Rs1,000 with him. They relied entirely on word-of-mouth publicity. Lalwani used to take the girls to hotels to meet clients. He has told us that around 10 women work with him.”

In the end, a special police task force was able to crack the case. Best part of the story? The Indian newspaper goes to great lengths to explain that Lalwani’s wife is from a wealthy family, that she has a good job at an insurance company, and had no idea her husband was running a high priced call girl ring.

Well, of course not.