Topless Alabama “Cheerleader” Cruises Burbon Street Wearing Bear Bryant Hat

Topless Alabama "cheerleader" wearing Bear Bryant hat during BCS championship gameHow did we miss this during Monday’s National Championship game between Alabama and LSU? I would have thought ESPN would have been all over this on their 10 hour pre-game show or 24 hours of non-stop post game coverage. But no, generic cialis medical they had to talk about the damn game.

They completely missed a topless woman walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans with an Alabama cheerleader uniform painted on her chest, store (like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue) and wearing a Bear Bryant hat. Roll over Tide!

Only she’s no swimsuit model and she’s either got a big snag in the front of her sweater or that’s one huge outie with a belly button ring through it. Eww.

Still, viagra she is topless.

If you really, really want an uncensored version of the photo you can go to this NSFW site. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.