UK Soccer Streaker Banned for Three Years After Incident in Front of Kids

Best to pick you streaking venues wisely, generic cialis diagnosis young man.

It’s one thing to get drunk and run out in front of a crowd of other adults at a pro game, quite another to to chose a game being played by teenagers in front a stands filled with school kids on a field trip.

Yeah, that’s world class stupid. And also why Craig Knight, 20, of Goldstone Villas, Hove, (United Kingdom) will banned from every football (soccer) stadium in the country for three whole years. Knight decided it would be fun to streak during an England under-19 match against Denmark at the American Express Community Stadium . . . with about 16,000 screaming fans, mostly children on school trips, according to reports.

In addition to the ban, Knight is on probation for 12 months and must do 100 hours of community service. Hopefully all of it with his clothes on.

Source: The Argus