Video: FOX Sports SlowMos Rams #Cheerleader with “Interesting Results” – Holly P.

Slow motion is used quite frequently in sports to show the intricacies of the game that would otherwise be missed by television viewers watching in real time. The great catch, buy viagra look the big hit, discount viagra ailment or the heaving bosom of a hot cheerleader.

Wait, what?

Apparently the guys at FOX Sports game Sunday, January 1, 2012 between the Rams and 49ers needed something special to transition from the game the increasingly frequent commercial breaks. Why not a short clip of the St. Louis Rams cheerleaders? Great.

“Oops, wait, that went by too quickly guys. Can we slow it down just a bit and use that?”
“Uh, sure boss.”
“No, slower.”
“How’s that?”
“Even slower.”
“Shut up and do it!”
“How about now?
“Oh yeah, that’s it. I’ll be in my bunk.”

Below is the result of that masterful effort, featuring a Rams cheerleader we have tentatively identified as Holly P.    (This may or may not be her Twitter page.)

Here’s more from her bio on the team site:

Holly is coming back for her third years as a Rams Cheerleader while also studying business at Lindenwood University. She plans on pursing a career in medical sales. Holly was on her university’s dance team, and before that, was the captain of her high school’s dance team. Holly also took her performance abilities from sideline to on stage as she was part of her school’s musicals. In addition to performing, Holly is also passionate about volunteering. Some of her favorite organizations and events are the Komen Race for the Cure and Autism Speaks.

We’re sure she has a Facebook page (and more pictures) so if you can help us find her, we’d appreciate it. Drop us a line at BadJocks at Watch the naughty video below.

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