Video: Dennis Rodman to Coach #Topless Women’s Basektball League Team

Say what?

We’ve heard of the Lingerie Football League (who hasn’t?) and the new Lingerie Basketball League . . . but TOPLESS women’s basketball? Where will the referee’s have to look for their jersey numbers? How will you call fouls . . . will anyone even care if there are fouls?

The basic information is that a couple of strip clubs in New York City are sponsoring the teams (The Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club and Rick’s Cabaret) and hiring former NBA stars–and apparently strip club regulars–Dennis Rodman and Spud Webb to be the coaches. The two clubs are currently recruiting players (you have to be at least 5’10” ladies) and hope to host a game for charity soon.

Watch the video below from The Daily for additional details. Think they’ll have a fantasy league?

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