Bengals Cheerleader/High School Teacher Quits Job After Allegations of Affair With Male Student – Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones Bengals CheerleaderFirst off, buy cialis thumb all we have so far are rumors.

Rumors that a high school teacher, recipe who also happens to be a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, had an inappropriate relationship with a male student. The fact that Sarah Jones has resigned her job at Dixie Heights High School (Kentucky) might imply something is up, but Jones DOES have a a history of suing websites that make inaccurate allegations against her. (Last year she won an $11 million judgement against for suggesting that she was promiscuous and had contracted VD twice. She has not collected any funds . . . yet.)

So far, Jones had denied the allegations, the student has denied it, and his parents are not excited about the whole thing. And yet, you have to wonder were this kid would rank in the history of High School Studs if he was able to bang not only a hot teacher, but an NFL cheerleader as well, while still too young to vote.

A special prosecutor has been assigned to the case and the school district is also conducting its own investigation. (Video of her lawyer denying the allegations below.)

Source: WLWT