Professional Golfer Jeff Overton Arrested for . . . Yelling at People From Limo?

Mug shot of golfer Jeff OvertonOkay, so maybe there was a little bit more to the story that just yelling at people from a limousine, but that’s were most of the trouble started for PGA golfer Jeff “Hey You!” Overton.

Overton was apparently in Bloomington, Indiana where he had played his college ball for the University of Indiana. The allegedly intoxicated golfer was spotted yelling at people from inside a limo that was blocking traffic by police and told to move.  The limo moved, but later pulled up next to a local cop and Overton started yelling AGAIN at strangers on the street. At this point, police told him to stop and also asked for identification, which Overton refused to produce.

Well, the police had had enough at this point and pulled Overton from the limo and attempted to arrest him, which he allegedly did not care for and resisted. He now faces charges of of resisting law enforcement, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Source: Courier Press