Cheerleader Charged With Threatening Football Player After Hazing-Style Incident w. Freshman Teammate

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Ty McGrath plays football for Sandwich High School (MA) and a few weeks ago allegedly kicked a freshman player, “prodded” him with a broom (whatever that means) and then force-fed him a brownie. The incident reportedly came to the attention of John J. Amaral who is NOT a member of the football team but a male cheerleader for SHS.  Apparently Mr. Amaral didn’t think the school was doing enough to protect the younger player so he allegedly took it upon himself to call Mr. McGrath seven times on his cell phone and reportedly left a voice-mail message “threatening to beat him up and ruin his football career.”

McGrath was eventually suspended from school for the Broom and Brownie incident and removed from the football team, while Amaral faced no actions from the school. As a result, McGrath’s parents have filed criminal charges against the cheerleader, including of two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon: his foot and a broom. They also say that the Broom and Brownie incident was just–wait for it–horseplay that got out of hand and nothing serious.

Not sure where this one is going to go, but things are a little screwy at Sandwich High, to say the least.

Source – Cape Cod Online