Video: Hockey Brawl Between Under-10 Teams in Kazakhstan

Not your typical hockey brawl: this one happens after the game following the sportsmanship handshake, viagra sales cure involves every player, treatment and all the combatants are under 10 years old.

Here’s more from the YouTube description:

This is my 9-year-old brother’s team Kokshetau – Burabay (green) fighting against the team from the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana (white). Even though team Astana won against Burabay 5:3, salve they started talking crap to their opponents during handshake; so the capitan of Burabay’s team could not just let it go and started the fight. My brother Timur Serazhiyev is number 8 for team in green, and he is fighting with number 27 for team in white.