‘One, Two, Three, N****r!” Chant Gets Nearly Entire HS Girls Basketball Suspended

Come on, it’s just a joke. We’re not racist and it’s NOT a label, so what’s the problem.

So said all the white players on the Kenmore East High School (NY) girls basketball team, who have now been suspended for what can only be called the worst pre-game team chant ever. Especially after the lone African-American player, Tyra Batts, pleaded with them to stop the tradition adding, “I would argue about it … and they would tell me they’re not racist, it’s just a word, it’s not a label.”

So Batts finally had enough one day,  got into it with another player over the use of the slur and eventually it adults at the school found out. (Current and past coaches claim they never heard the chant and must have been done AFTER they left the locker room.) Now the other members of the team have been suspended and must attend cultural sensitivity training. The will also serve a one-game suspension later in the season and–this is the best part–the good sportsmanship trophy awarded last year has been rescinded.

Watch video below.

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Source – ABC News