Florida A&M Band Members Charged for Hazing Incident. No, Not That One, the Other One

When we first saw the headline we thought, viagra buy medical “Hey, try they finally charged someone in the Florida A& M band for the death of that drum major a couple of weeks ago.” Nope.

These charges are for a different hazing incident that ended with a broken leg after a female band member was beaten with fists AND a metal ruler to initiate her into something called the “Red Dawg Order.” Welcome to the club! Sorry you’ll never walk normally again!

So what next for the FAMU Marching Mobsters? If the school was smart they’d issue the Death Penalty: no band activities for five years (same as they would likely hand a frat or sorority which had a history of hazing) to get rid of anyone with a history with the group. Why no just a suspension or other punishment? Apparently the FAMU band hasn’t learned from past incidents: back in 1998, stuff a clarinet player was hospitalized after he said he was paddled around 300 times, and in 2001 another band member suffered kidney damage–kidney damage– after being beaten with a paddle.

Yeah, death penalty.

Source – ABC News