Video: Pyschotic Mom at LHSAA Cheerleading Championships

Some parents support their children’s athletic efforts and some parents REALLY support their kid’s athletic efforts. This lady REALLY wants to support her cheerleading daughter. This appears to have taken place at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association Cheerleading Championships this week in Lake Charles.

“More swagger!”

Original video shot by HogAlleyHogs.  Here’s some explanation from the YouTube posting:

Here’s some video I shot at the 2011 LHSAA Cheer & Dance Competition held in Lake Charles December 3, 2011. Mom cheering on her daughter from Archbishop Hannan High School.

Possibly the best 2 minutes of the whole competition. I’m sure her daughter was proud to have her there.

In case you were wondering, it was a little boy that was missing. It was announced after the next squad performed that he was found safe.