Boys Expelled, Could Face Charges for Creating Facebook Page Threatening HS Coach, Wife

Social media can be a good thing when it brings people together for a worthy cause.

This is not one of those cases.

This time we have a couple of teenaged boys at Vermilion High School (Ohio) who were unhappy because–wait for it–they didn’t get team T-shirts from coach & AD Ben Ohlemacher at the end of the year. So they created a Facebook page where they not only threatened the coach’s life, but also threatened to break into his house and rape his wife. According to a published report one boy went so far as to say, “They would have to make up a new charge for what I’d do to him.”

Kids, a public social media site, no matter if you think it’s private, is no place to threaten your coaches and teachers. That’s for bathroom walls.

Both boys have been expelled and now face criminal charges for menacing.

Source: Sandusky Register