BadJocks Update: Hot Cheer Coach & Hooters Waitress Claims Parent Sent 100 Emails to Get Her Fired

Hooters girl serving beer,     wings,   good timesUPDATE TO THE UPDATE:We found a newer story that now claims that the angry parent sent 200 emails to school officials to get Zivich fired.

UPDATE: So maybe it wasn’t “philosophical issues” as the principal claimed? You may recall the story of Nicole Zivich, recipe the former cheerleading coach at Estero High School (FLA) who was suddenly fired a couple of weeks ago for what seemed like no reason.

Well, now we know that there might have been a little bit of an outside influence on the school district to the tune of 100 emails sent by one parent complaining about Zivich other job as a Hooters waitress and also made claims she was teaching the girls dangerous stunts. Zivich found out about the emails from Susan Jacobse, who apparently doesn’t like Hooters wings or beer selections. In response Zivich is now considering filing a lawsuit for slander against the district and Jacobse.

From one of the emails: “And her whole life is this cheer program and it is kind of weird. Here is a girl with no background in education, other than she went to high school. She is a Hooters waitress, she has two toddlers … I believe she is reliving her high school days and doing this vicariously through the girls.”

Source: Naples News