Another New Hazing Technique: The “Wet Biscuit” – Andover High School

“Just don’t talk about anything and we can fix this.”
“You guys look we can fix this, we just need everyone’s help.”

If there’s anything worse than high school sports hazings, it’s high school jocks trying to cover their tracks and derail an investigation into what happened. Above are Facebook comments from members of a team accusing of a really disgusting new  hazing technique.

Details aren’t real clear, but apparently members of the Andover High (MA) boys basketball team allegedly decided that wedgies and wet willies weren’t good enough to haze the new members of the team. No, according to authorities, at least two “ringleaders” forced younger team members to participate ina game of “wet biscuit,” where the loser was–we’re not making this up!–forced to eat a semen-soaked cookie.

Nothing says “Welcome to the team” liking eating baked goods covered in one of your teammate’s DNA.

Who thinks of this stuff, and more importantly, who thinks of this stuff and then creates a Facebook page where the goal is to gather everyone on the team after school and come up with a plan to stonewall the investigation into this incident.

So far, at least five students have been kicked off the basketball team and and some kind of school suspensions. The two ringleaders, also known as the inventors of “The Wet Biscuit Game” have been expelled.

Source – Eagle Tribune