HS “Power Gobbling” Update: Restraining Order Issued Against Alleged Attacker

Thanksgiving is over, generic cialis sales but the “power gobbling” continues. You remember this new hazing “technique” don’t you? If not, viagra here’s the earlier story.

So, here’s the latest on this spreading scandal from the Great Falls Tribune:

Alex Mauricio Botina-Roehm, 18, faces a felony charge of sexual intercourse without consent as well as two misdemeanor charges of sexual assault after allegedly picking up two underclassmen football players by the crotch while in the shower room and in the case of one of the victims, allegedly sticking his thumb into his rectum.

Roehm was charged with the crime on Nov. 15, but the attorney for the victim, Scott Anderson of Anderson and Bliven in Kalispell, said the family didn’t get adequate assurance from the school district that their client would be protected from Roehm even after he was arrested and suspended from school.