Video: Why American Football is Annoying – Cheerleader Edition

Someone is obviously unhappy with the NFL and it’s buxom cheerleaders. And cranky. And probably not comfortable around women. His main points: Cheerleaders in American football games serve no actual purpose, tend not to distract fans from the action on the field, rub their pompons together in an annoying fashion. Genius.

December 31, 2011

Bengals Cheerleader/High School Teacher Quits Job After Allegations of Affair With Male Student – Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones Bengals Cheerleader
December 27, 2011

First off, all we have so far are rumors. Rumors that a high school teacher, who also happens to be a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, had an inappropriate relationship with a male student. The fact that Sarah Jones has resigned her job at Dixie Heights High School (Kentucky) might imply something is up, but Jones DOES have a a history of suing websites that make inaccurate allegations against her….


Video: Japan, Featuring the World’s Most Polite Soccer Hooligans

Would this happen anywhere else in the world? Japanese soccer fans pour out into the street to celebrate their team’s win, but when the traffic light changes they all rush back to the sidewalks as requested by the cops, wait patiently for the light to change, then start partying again. The World’s Most Polite Soccer Hooligans – Watch MoreFunny Videos

December 22, 2011

Drunk, Distraught Packer Fans Arrested for Choking Daughter Following Loss

Green Bay Packers logo
December 21, 2011

How important was the Green Bay Packers winning streak to some of the team’s fans? We’re sure most of them probably were NOT happy with the loss, but they probably took it in stride. Everyone has to lose at some point, right? But at least one Packer fan from Grand Chute, Wisconsin took her frustration out on her daughter, allegedly choking her not once, but twice, and even asking her,…


The NFL’s Widest Necks

Paul Posluszny and his neck
December 21, 2011

Not really a “bad jock” story, but something we thought you might find interesting: a photo gallery of the thickest necks in the National Football League from The Slate. At right, Paul Posluszny, a linebacker, Jacksonville Jaguars.  


Father Faces Assault Charges After Allegedly Punching Son Following Loss in 8th Grade B-Ball Game

Some people handle losing better than others. Take Steven Wilson, 52, of Eagan, MN: he, apparently does NOT take losing well. His 14-year-old son plays basketball for the 8th grade team and was involved in a tournament earlier this month when the team lost. Afterwards, Wilson allegedly yelled, pushed the kid into a wall, and then punched his son in front of other parents and other fans who eventually alerted…

December 20, 2011