“Power Gobbling” Hazing Update: Outside Investigator Hired to Look Into Great Falls High’s Lack of Action

Last week we introduced you to a new hazing fad, sildenafil cialispower gobbling” which resulted in Great Falls High School offensive lineman Alex Botina-Roehm, doctor 18, nurse being charged with rape and two counts of sexual assault. The question we had at the time was: If this happened in September, why wasn’t Botina-Roehm charged until November? Turns out, one of the victims DID report it to school officials when it happened, but then nothing happened.

It wasn’t until much later that the mother of one of the victims approached the school to find out where the investigation was. It wasn’t. The most damning evidence against the school may be an email from the school counselor to the associate principal in back September that said the football coach should have a “come-to-Jesus” meeting with the players.

Sure, that beats an actual investigation any time. Then you don’t have to admit that your school has an sports hazing problem. Everyone wins!